Advisory Board

Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy:

Who started his career as a teacher, served to the nation in various positions of Education system by spending his blood & heart in renovating the academics and got retired as the secretary for Andhra Pradesh Education Society, acts as the Chief Adviser for our organization.

Mr. Antox Xavier:

His passion towards career counseling for students & unemployed youth paved a way for him to be awarded by the prestigious Mamma Ada award in Feb 2017 by an Italian NGO for the services which he rendered to the young community. He is delivering a crucial role as the Managing Director for our regional office at Nagercoil.

“Everyone wants to be successful but they don’t get the right guidance to make right decision at right time.” – Antox Xavier

Dr. Muralidhar Reddy:

Entrepreneur by nature, who thought that quality in education is an essence for a better society and kept his efforts in nourishing the young entrepreneurs for the present corporate world.

Prof. Manjula Reddy:

Who did her specialization in obstetrics & gynecology and with around 12 years of quality teaching expertise serves as the backbone of our organization.



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